What is the Most Attractive Musical Instrument?

From rockstars to classical musicians, there’s no denying that musical talent can be a major turn-on. But is there one instrument that’s universally considered the most attractive? We surveyed a group of people to find out, and the results may surprise you.

As a general rule, the guitar is considered the most attractive instrument, followed by the piano in second place. The violin takes third place, although it is still considered a respectable choice. This preference has remained consistent since the invention of the electric guitar and applies to both men and women.

Our research on the sexiest musical instruments includes surveys and neurological investigations to determine the most alluring instruments for both genders. Keep reading for a more in-depth look at our findings and what they reveal about human attraction to music.

Anecdotal Evidence

Before we dive into the survey results, let’s take a look at some famous musicians who are known for their attractiveness. Jimi Hendrix, Prince, and Lenny Kravitz are just a few examples of musicians who have a certain sex appeal that goes beyond their musical ability. These artists possess charisma, confidence, and stage presence that make them appealing to people of all genders and ages.

Research and Survey Results

We conducted a survey among hundreds of individuals to rate the attractiveness of different musical instruments and conducted a question-based study to identify the sexiest one. However, the results were mixed. The instruments included guitar, piano, drums, bass, violin, saxophone, cello, and others. Here are the findings:

Sidenote: Attracting someone physically is a diverse process with various factors involved. Merely learning to play a musical instrument won’t guarantee success in this area. If that’s your sole motivation, it’s worth exploring other ways to improve yourself. It’s crucial to recognize that becoming a musician requires considerable dedication, patience, and a deep love of music. Therefore, desiring to learn an instrument solely to attract someone is not a sufficient reason to pursue it.

Interpretation and Discussion

So what does this survey tell us? It seems that the guitar and piano are generally considered the most attractive instruments, while the bass is the least attractive. But why is that the case?

One possible explanation is that the guitar and piano are both versatile instruments that can be used in a wide range of genres, from rock to classical. They’re also both instruments that are frequently used by lead singers, who often have a certain sex appeal that adds to the overall attractiveness of the performance.

On the other hand, the bass is a much less common instrument to learn, which may make it less accessible and less appealing to a wider audience.

Do Men and Women Have Different Tastes in Musicians?

While men and women are generally drawn to different qualities in musicians, there are certain traits that both genders appreciate. These include the intelligence and skill required to master an instrument, the confidence necessary to perform on stage, and the unique and captivating personalities of various musicians.

The Most Attractive Musical Instrument to Women

Our research shows that certain instruments are more attractive to women. The bad-boy guitar player, the violent drummer, the narcissistic singer, and the strong-and-silent bass player are considered more attractive due to their masculine traits. However, women are also drawn to the sensitive piano player and the intelligent and gentle cello player, who deviate from this pattern.

Why Do Women Like Male Musicians? (neurological research)

Neuroscientist Dr. Paul J. Zak has found scientific evidence to support the idea that women are more attracted to musicians who play in rock bands.

  • The musicians in rock bands appear to be intelligent and successful, and the competitiveness of the music industry is often seen as an indicator of success, even if it is not entirely accurate. This successful image may suggest to a woman that the musician would make a clever and capable partner.
  • Women see musicians as passionate people, while the average man is often not considered as passionate. Musicians express their emotions through singing, playing and writing music, which can be an attractive quality to women.
  • It is all about hormones. The performing and dancing musician is the center of attention whether he plays by the campfire or on the big stage. “We’ve done experiments where we give extra testosterone to men, and they become more selfish, more entitled, more it’s-all-about-me — that can be very attractive to women,” Zak said. Studies have shown that women tend to be attracted to high testosterone levels while ovulating and less when they are not!
  • The alpha male. “Your rock star coming to your town is an alpha male, he’s successful, and if he hasn’t killed himself with drugs or whatever, yeah, he might have some pretty good genes and seem much more attractive,” Zak said.

The Most Attractive Musical Instrument to Men

In contrast to women, men are attracted to feminine instruments that have a softer tone and require a gentle touch, such as the cello, viola, harp, piano, and acoustic guitar. However, some men may also find women who play more masculine instruments like drums, bass, or electric guitar to be attractive, particularly if they appreciate a strong and independent woman.

Why Do Men Like Female Musicians?

  • Even in modern times, women are still less likely to pursue their lifelong dreams compared to men, so when a guy sees an accomplished female musician, he knows that she’s a determined person and passionate about what she does.
  • In today’s music industry, men still hold a disproportionate amount of power and influence. Therefore, for a man who admires strong and independent women, encountering a female musician who can hold her own in this competitive and male-dominated field can be highly attractive.
  • Elegance and grace are qualities that may be associated with instruments like the cello, violin, or piano, which require a precise and gentle touch. It’s possible that these qualities, when exhibited by a woman, project a more maternal image.
  • The Allure of a Woman’s Voice. Throughout history, men have found something enchanting and soothing in the sound of a woman’s voice. Greek mythology tells of sirens luring sailors with their music and singing, while in Disney movies, princesses are portrayed with perfect, alluring singing voices. This fascination with the female voice may even be connected to the use of lullabies to soothe babies to sleep, a practice that has existed in many cultures and countries since ancient times.

Survey Section

We value your opinion! Participate in our survey and share with us the instrument that you find the most attractive. Choose the instrument you think is the sexiest of them all, and let your voice be heard!


While attractiveness is subjective and influenced by many factors, our survey suggests that the guitar and piano are generally considered the most attractive instruments. Of course, there are many other factors that contribute to a musician’s sex appeal, from their fashion sense to their stage presence. But if you’re looking to up your attractiveness factor, picking up a guitar or piano might not be a bad place to start!

Gon Zadok

Gon Zadok is a Tel Aviv-based session player, recording artist, and independent producer for Simply and local artists. He plays various instruments, including guitar, bass, synths, and ukulele. Gon studied music at Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music in Israel and music production at SAE Institute in Berlin, Germany.

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