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While the most popular musical instrument may not always be the most fun, there’s a whole world of musical delight out there waiting to be explored. We asked musicians of every stripe, from guitar heroes to beatboxing champions, brass virtuosos to drumming dynamos, and here is what we found:

As a general rule, the drums are the most enjoyable instrument among musicians. The most fun instrument to play is subjective, and it varies based on playing ability. Musicians might prefer the piano or guitar, or enjoy playing unconventional instruments like the pipe organ or EWI.

In search of a clear answer? Look no further. Our poll, featuring musicians of diverse backgrounds, has arrived at the following results.

The “Most Fun Instrument” Poll

Drums 🥇14
Guitar 🥈12
Piano 🥉7
Fretless Bass1
From Rasp1
Piccolo Flute1
Pipe Organ1
Baritone Saxophone1
“Most fun instrument” poll

The Most Fun Musical Instruments:

Our survey results place the drums at the top as the most enjoyable instrument to play, followed by guitar and piano. To the surprise of many, the trombone ranks fourth in fun factor. But why are these instruments so enjoyable? Our poll provides insight into the answer.

1st place – The Drums

a happy drummer on drums

So what’s so fun about playing drums?

  • Drums differ from other musical instruments as they are percussive and don’t involve pitch-related elements like notes, scales, or chords, which makes the learning process much easier and more fun.
  • Playing the drums is more physical than other instruments, providing a great sense of release (not to mention the full-body workout).
  • The loud and explosive nature of drumming adds to the excitement.

Author’s comment: As a professional guitar and bass session player, the drums are always an attraction in the rehearsal room. Oh, just let me hit it a few times. Let me get my muscles going on this early morning session!

2nd place – The Guitar

electric guitar player with an electric guitar

Finding the guitar at the top of our list isn’t surprising at all. It is still the most popular instrument among musicians, and there are good reasons for it.

  • The guitar is known for its expressiveness, allowing each player to create a unique musical signature sound that sets them apart from others. This is due to the way sound is produced on the instrument, with fingers directly pressing on the strings. Every person’s fingers are unique, resulting in distinct sound variations even when playing the same piece on the same guitar.
  • The guitar is highly portable, making it a distinct advantage over other popular instruments such as the piano or drums. With a guitar, you have the freedom to take it anywhere you go, from your bedroom to the living room or even to a scenic location across town.
  • According to a U.S. poll conducted by Statista, the guitar has been voted as the sexiest instrument to play! If you’re looking to up your charm factor, then strumming on a guitar may just be the way to do it.

3rd place – The Piano

a happy piano player

It is no surprise that the piano is one of the most enjoyable instruments to play, given its immense popularity worldwide. There are definitely compelling reasons for this.

  • The piano is likely the easiest instrument for beginners to start playing, as producing sound on it doesn’t require any prior skill. With just the press of a key, a sound is produced, making the learning process less frustrating.
  • As an aspiring musician, knowing your way around the piano is a must. That’s why it’s a required course in renowned music schools globally and why you’ll find a keyboard in every recording studio. The piano’s straightforward structure makes it the ideal instrument for learning, composing, and visualizing musical structures. Even composers who primarily play other instruments often turn to the piano for its simplicity.
  • Knowing the piano opens up a world of musical possibilities as the twelve-key system it uses can also be found in instruments like the melodica, organ, synthesizer, and various MIDI controllers. This makes transitioning to these instruments a breeze if you already know how to play the piano.

The Trombone (?)

trombone player waving

It’s no surprise that the trombone placed 4th in our poll – its sound is naturally comedic and almost cartoonish, making it a popular choice among those who love to have fun!

Author’s comment: have you ever looked over to the brass section, and they just looked like they were having much more fun than you? Well, you’re not the only one!
The brass section is like a closed click inside your band. They have their inside jokes and much more free time (between songs AND between parts of a song) to enjoy them.

Unusual Instruments that are Fun to Play

Imagine the delight in discovering musical instruments that challenge the norm and take the title of “most fun” to the next level. The drums, guitar, and piano may top the list, but check out these entertaining alternatives!

The MIDI Guitar

For guitar players looking to break the routine, turning your guitar into a synthesizer using a MIDI guitar could be a fun and practical experience! With this setup, you can explore new sounds and styles, adding a fresh dimension to your playing writing method.


For saxophone players, the EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument) offers a unique opportunity to break away from the limitations of their instrument’s distinct but narrow tone. As a result, saxophonists can now play any sound they desire, acting as a synthesizer and offering versatility for composers and music producers. This can provide a refreshing change from being restricted to a brass section.

The Percussion Setup

Being a percussionist can offer a freeing musical experience. There are virtually no restrictions on what can be considered a percussion instrument, enabling a creative player to turn everyday objects into musical instruments to play.

The PVC Pipe Trance

Musicians can be incredibly inventive, and some have even mastered the art of crafting unique instruments. One such example is that innovative pipe instrument that produces an electronic sound but is completely organic!


The outcome of our poll gives us an idea of the most entertaining instruments to play, but further research suggests that this varies among musicians. A fun and enjoyable musical experience often include elements of novelty, unexpectedness, and rejuvenation. For some musicians, this may mean trying out instruments that differ from their main instrument or finding a new and innovative way to play their primary instrument.

Gon Zadok

Gon Zadok is a Tel Aviv-based session player, recording artist, and independent producer for Simply and local artists. He plays various instruments, including guitar, bass, synths, and ukulele. Gon studied music at Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music in Israel and music production at SAE Institute in Berlin, Germany.

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